First Bank

Part of the design goal was to ensure having the latest security features and eliminate visits to the bank.


Mobile Banking

The goal was to design a mobile app for iOS and Android that would allow users to have full control over their finances, as well as easy access to actions like creating bank accounts, manage savings or quick transfers to other accounts.

Part of the design goal was to ensure having the latest security features and eliminate visits to the bank.

My contribution

In this project, there were involved multiple designers in different phases of design. My part here was to create the business dashboard for the desktop, improving the mobile app dashboard, various interaction elements, secondary screens, and iterations for different devices.


Make a smart and easy to use banking application

After 18 yrs. of activity in Romania, Piraeus Bank was acquired by the J.C Flowers, a private equity leader, and it became First Bank. The new bank needed a smart, easy to use banking application, that can keep up with the competition.


We started working from problems & desires

1. Discovery Workshops

I started the design process by conducting workshops with the stakeholders, product owners & the development team.

The discovery workshops identified the client's needs and the development team's requirements, which led to the creation of wireframes and action items for all participants.

2. Research

I start researching the latest UX trends, design principles, and studying competitors’ approaches.

I also conducted frequent brainstorming sessions with the development team and product owners to discover the possible scenarios and what are the most optimal solutions.

3. Prototype

I designed high fidelity user flows and tested them with the team to ensure that the users successfully complete their key objectives. And reevaluate them with stakeholders, product owners, and the development team.
I and some of my colleagues also created micro-interactions and animations that we delivered to the development team.

Moodboard to set the tone

A mood board is a way to collect different creative information in order to prepare for a new project. It is a segue between initial thoughts or meetings and the first draft of your project.



Here you can find the conception and stylistic decisions for a user interface design (UI) of this application.

I tried to create an efficient and bright design of the interface that would have high aesthetic representation but at the same time would not confuse any user.


Fun facts & more

More than 250 screens and screen states were created for mobile version only. On top of that we produced more than 100 additional screens for the desktop version.


Design Principles

The principles of scale, visual hierarchy, balance, contrast not only create beautiful designs, but also increase usability when applied correctly.



The app needed personality, so we created custom illustrations, pictograms and iconography, in order to make the experience while using the app unique and engaging.


Usability First

Considering that the user is empowered to make changes to his accounts or add new banking products, our main focus was to help the user complete key objectives easily and always feel in control and secure.


Modern & Friendly Design

The user interface is clean, minimalistic and with rounded features. We added micro-interactions to delight the user and create moments that are engaging and welcoming.

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