Unify all existing platforms into a unique consumer-facing progressive app


The client

We are a leading, multi-category consumer goods business. For decades, we built our business on meeting the preferences of adult smokers with leading cigarette brands, superior products and market-leading innovations. However, we recognize the world is changing. Today we have an evolved strategy that puts a sharper focus on our New Category products, fueled by investment from the continued delivery of our traditional tobacco business.

Project scope & Objectives

Unify all existing platforms for THP and FMC users (,, & into a unique consumer-facing touchpoint: a single sign-on, progressive app. Create a living ecosystem - to build loyalty, and a unique community - to generate advocacy and deliver sustainable growth.

Unified experience

Single sign on across all brands.
Seamless online-offline integration

Personalized, dynamic content

Based on preferences, user profile & behavior

Stimulating reward system

Membership tiers


Business objectives

Grow total membership base
Grow total & brand-specific engagement
Monetize members' LTV – via higher retention (lower switch-out); via switching to Premium or NC (more profitable); via higher engagement (more consumption).


Target audience and markets

The platform is exclusively targeted to FMC & THP consumers, over 18, residing in Romania. While each brand has its own user persona, our products are largely used by a wide range of consumers, from Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials, all the way to Gen Z.


Young, educated adults driven by status. They are early adopters, always seeking new and special experiences either to show off or to explore new things. They desire brands which deliver value through fashionable, contemporary and international imagery or through sensorial adventures, innovation and technology.

Wireframes & Flows

After I defined the business objectives through several kick-off meetings and workshops, I began building the first wireframes, which we discussed in several feedback sessions to align and validate the flows and content of each screen.


Design highlights

OneUP was designed with the other platforms in mind. We had to combine all the styles into a consistent, simple, and content focus app.

I've approached a dark theme style with the main focus on the imagery and content. I had to bring some differentiation between the brands to align with their visual styles.


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