Altex Mobile App

A fresh new app design for the famous retailer Altex Romania.


The client

Spanning an experience of over 25 years in the business environment, Altex has gone from a local TV import business to the leader of the Romanian retail market. How? By always having a good relationship with the client and adapting the infrastructure so as to correspond to the exigencies of the Romanian retail.

Scope of work and timeline

The project included UI/UX designer(myself), BA, PM, and developers who combined their efforts to deliver a robust digital product that meets our client’s expectations.


During this initial stage, my team and I focused on creating the product catalog, product pages, home page, checkouts, my accounts (MMP), and setting up the push notifications.


After studying the user flows & user personas, I began setting up the category page, product variations, stores map, live support, and creating deep linking for sharing products.


This last stage included setting up biometrics, social logins, donations, and tweaking up other areas of the app so it works flawlessly, with no bugs whatsoever.


Project goals

The main objective is to properly respond to the mobile phone users by personalizing their experience and the messages they receive, so that they can perceive the application as a shopping assistant

Improved customer experience

Facilitate the checkout flow and reduce the time the user needs to place an order.


Include loyalty programs, QR code scan to provide detailed information about the products in stores.

Streamline communication

Personalize the experience and messages for the user to see the app more like a shopping assistant.


Design a stable, robust mobile app that can withstand any potential cyber threat and can keep customers’ data safe.

Creating the user personas & user journey maps

I've set up advanced user journey maps to visualize the end user's relationship with our app across various channels. By viewing how modern users interact with the app, I managed to step into the customers' mindset and set up a streamlined design that led to a better user experience.


User flow

User flow reflects the user's progress from the launch of the application to the discovery of all functionalities in the app and doing some actions.


Design & Prototype

I used Figma to develop the application design, presenting to the client all the iterations in the form of a prototype.


Download the App from Google Play or App Store


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