Hi there! I'm Alex.

I'm a UI/UX and Visual Designer living in Bucharest. I find myself to be a curious person who loves stories, design, and technology. I am in continuous learning. I like to improve my knowledge so I participate in design meetings and follow people with more experience in the field.

Aside from all this, I enjoy going out with friends and family and going to standup comedy shows. I enjoy reading, watching movies and workout at the gym.

And at last but not least, I am a husband and proud father of a little boy. He likes to run around all over the place, climb anything and eat paper at this stage of life. Who knows, it's possible he will like this field too. Now he has a lot of fun stealing my mouse and beating my keyboard.

What’s My Process

My job is to provide an intuitive experience to the user.
With every project, I follow the user-centered design approach. I start with creating a user profile, that helps me better understand his behavior. The next step is to define a user flow to have a general view of his journey. After that, I make various design iterations where I try to find different problems and test them. This will provide me the necessary feedback that will help me choose the best solution.





Tools I Master


Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

What They’re Saying

There are designers that can only draw pretty screens and then there are those who not only do that, but also get involved in understanding your users so that they can craft the interface specific to their needs. Alex is one of the latter, and I'm happy to have worked with him on several projects, both web and mobile.

He is responsive, professional, but most of all he is pro-active and gets really involved in your project. You can feel him close all the time and you can rely on him. He's a perfectionist so his attention to details is incredible. I'm not only his client, but a big fan of his work and I'm happy to continue working with him. I highly recommend Alex for any design project you want to create.

Ancu RaduCEO, Adonis Software

Alex in simple words: is all about creativity, artistic and customer orientated. His passion for technology and minimalistic design helps him to take the things beyond and not to create what it is already available on the market. Even if you ask for a simple advice, he always has in his pocket a bright new idea and trust us, you are in good hands.

Arxhend NafeziCEO, Bluetree

We consider ourselves to be a client with high expectations. We wanted a lot of changes to the design of the interface.
Alexandru was very communicative, responsive and friendly. Even though he didn't know what the application should do, he quickly understood after a few meetings and the UI/UX of the Android application he designed is definitely what we wanted.

Pavel VarvariCEO, E-bloc

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